Product FAQs

Mechanical Digital Scales

Can I still use the scale if the LCD display isn't working on the Duet scale?

Yes. If the LCD is not working or needs a new battery you can still obtain a reading on the dial only.

How can I obtain a "Dial" reading only on the Duet scale?

To obtain a dial reading only, do not tap the scale before weighing - simply step on the scale and read weight.

How can I obtain a reading on the Duet Dual Reading scale? (Models: HDR973KD-01; HDR974KD-93; HEM001KD-95; HEM002KD-60)

To obtain both "Dial" and "LCD" (digital) readings, locate zero adjustment control under edge of scale, and adjust so dial indicator reads zero. Next, tap the edge of platform. LCD will display "888", then "00". Now step on scale. Your weight will appear on both dial and LCD displays and will remain displayed for 5 seconds before turning off.

What is a "ROTATING INDICATOR" with regards to a Duet type scale?

A rotating indicator is when the DIAL is fixed and the INDICATOR (Needle) spins to the weight.

Will moving the scale affect scale accuracy?

Yes. If the scale is moved, you must reset the scale back to zero.

What does "Err" / "E" message mean?

If "Err" is displayed, the 300-lb. maximum weight load has been exceeded.

What does "Lo" message mean?

When "Lo" message appears on the digital display, the 9-volt battery needs to be replaced.

What is "AUTO-OFF"?

This means the scale will turn off automatically when not in use.

What is "AUTO-ZERO"?

This means the scale is calibrating to zero.

What is "INSTANT-ON"?

This scale will automatically set display to zero upon activation.

What is "TAP-ON"?

This is an internal mechanism that is triggered when you tap on the scale to start.