Product FAQs

Digital Replaceable Lithium Battery Scales

Can the scale be used on a carpeted surface?

A hard surface is best for maximum accuracy. Placing the scale on a soft, deep pile rug may affect the reading.

Does a Digital Lithium Battery scale weigh in kilograms as well as pounds?

Yes. Choose the setting with the selector switch located under the edge of the scale.

My scale does not turn on and display is not showing. What's wrong?

Digital Lithium Battery scales come with either a NON-REPLACEABLE or REPLACEABLE battery. If your scale uses a replaceable battery, make sure you have a lithium battery installed properly. If your scale uses a non-replaceable battery, check the warranty information.

What is the proper way to use a Digital Lithium Battery scale?

Gently tap center of scale platform with foot using at least 5 lbs. of force. "888.8" will appear. Do not hold foot on scale for too long. Wait for "000.0" to appear before stepping on scale for weighing.

What is the repeatability of weight reading on a Digital Lithium Battery scale?

Repeatability has to do with two successive readings and the weight results could be +/- 1 lb.

Will moving the scale affect weighing accuracy?

Yes. If the scale has been moved, tap the lower corner of the scale. This will calibrate the scale and disply zero.

What is "AUTO-OFF"?

This means the scale will turn off automatically when not in use.

What is "INSTANT-ON"?

The scale will automatically turn on when you step on the platform.

What is "REVERSE LCD"?

It is the reverse in color of a LCD display. Normally, LCD is dark numbers against a light background. In reverse LCD, the numbers are light against a dark background, similar to a car's dashboard display.

What is "TAP-ON"?

This is an internal mechanism that will be triggered when you tap on the scale to start.

What is meant by the error message "E"?

Stepping on the scale before the "000.0" causes this error message to appear. If "E" appears, step off the scale and repeat initial RESTART by tapping on the center of the scale.

What is meant by the error message "Err"?

If error message "Err" appears, the maximum weight load for the scale has been exceeded.