Product FAQs


Does Health o meter® produce a professional waist-high dial scale for home use?

Health o meter® no longer manufacturers professional waist-high dial scales for home use.

How do "Dial Scales" operate?

Dial scales are Mechanical Analog type scales. These scales use a traditional spring and lever mechanism. Weight is distributed through brackets and levers. Levers connect to a plate with a spring. The spring stretches in proportion to the weight imposed. A pivot translates the up-and-down motion to a side-to-side motion. A rack and pinion translates the side-to-side motion to a rotational motion. The dial or indicator will turn and correct weight will appear in the window.

Is it difficult to move the Color Markers?

The color markers might be hard to move on a brand new scale. To get the marker to move, wiggle it in both directions around the scale face until it is free.

The "Indicator" needle on my dial scale has fallen off. What should I do?

This is not something that normally happens. Contact Customer Service for further assistance.

The plastic lens on my dial scale is cracked; can you send me a new one?

The lens is not a replaceable part. Contact Customer Service for further assistance.

What is a "Rotating Indicator"?

A rotating indicator is when the dial is fixed and the indicator (needle) spins to the weight.

What is the best way to clean the scale?

Use a mild soap and damp soft cloth. DO NOT use abrasive or strong chemical cleaners or submerse the entire unit in water.

What are the capacities of Professional Dial scales?

The maximum capacity of the scale will vary, consult the user manual of your model.

What is the warranty on Professional Dial scales?

The Professional Dial Scales have a limited lifetime warranty dependent upon which model you have. Check your warranty and instruction manual for further information.

What are the REPEATABILITY and ACCURACY of a dial scale?

REPEATABILITY has to do with two successive readings and the weight results could be +/- 1 lb. ACCURACY is the degree of agreement between the result of a measurement and the true value. Dial scales will fall between +/-(1% + 1 lb).

What are the capacities of personal dial scales?

The maximum capacity of the scale will vary, consult the user manual of your model.

What is a "Rotating Dial"?

A rotating dial is when the indicator (needle) is fixed and the dial spins to the weight.

When I step on the scale, the reading is not accurate. What could be wrong?

Our scales could differ +/- 1% of your total body weight.
  • Adjust the scale with the adjustment knob to ensure that the dial is on zero before weighing.
  • A hard surface is best for maximum accuracy.
  • Slightly leaning to the right, left, front, or back can cause the scale to provide a different reading for each direction that you lean.
  • If the scale has been dropped, it could be the cause of the problem.

When is the best time to weigh?

Weigh yourself at approximately the same time each day. Also, for best results weigh without clothing. The average weight of clothing, including shoes, is about 2-5 lbs. for women and 5-8 lbs. for men.

Why doesn't the "Indicator" (needle) or "Dial" of the scale move?

Make sure that any plastic shipping pins have been removed. These are located on the bottom of the scale.

Why doesn't the needle go back to zero?

A standard dial scale uses a tradiational spring and lever mechanism that may need adjustment over time. To adjust it, locate the knob on the scale and change the dial so it is on zero.