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Weight Tracking & Body Fat Scales

If you use a pacemaker or other medical devices, you should NOT operate the "BODY FAT" scale due to electrical impulses sent out by the scale. Always check with your doctor to be certain.

A flat hard surface is best for maximum accuracy. Placing scale on a very soft, deep pile rug may affect the reading.

For accurate body fat calculation, always measure in BARE FEET. Do NOT bend knees; keep your legs straight and slightly apart.

The "BODY FAT" scale is set to weigh in pounds. To display kilograms, turn the scale over to make selection.

Determine your body fat baseline. Record the weight readings & body fat readings for 7 to 10 days. Total your weight & body fat percentage (one total for each category). Divide each total by the number of days you had monitored your readings for. For example: Baseline weight: 135 + 136 + 138 = 409: 409/3 = 136.3 AND Body Fat %: 23% +24% + 23% = 70: 70/3 = 23.3%

The Body Fat scale uses a method called "BIA" or bioelectrical impedance analysis. This is a low-level current that travels through the lower half of your body, through your lean muscle and body fat, and calculates an "impedance" value. Impedance is a calculation of the total opposition to the flow of a current. This number is factored in with your sex, age, height, and weight. The end result is your body fat percentage.

The information must be entered within 10 seconds, while the choice is FLASHING. If you do not enter information while the choice is flashing (approx. 10 seconds), then you will have to start from the beginning.

Follow the steps below or consult the user manual of your model: Lift display cover. Push "SET" button at bottom of pad. User "1" and "2" will appear. User "1" will start blinking. Press the "USER" button to choose user "1" or "2". Once selected, press "SET" button to lock in information. Both "HEIGHT" and "AGE" will appear on the screen. The "HEIGHT" will start blinking. Press the "UP" or "DOWN" arrows to find your correct height. After entering height, press the "AGE" button. Use the "UP" and "DOWN" arrows to enter correct age and press "SET". Both "MALE" and "FEMALE" images will be displayed. Press the "GENDER" button until the correct MALE/FEMALE image blinks and then press "SET". This will lock in the information. Your correct information including User, Height, Age, and Gender will be displayed. Now you are ready to calculate weight.

Be sure you have installed a 9-volt battery correctly. Activate scale by tapping the scale in the lower left-hand corner of platform. If the scale has been dropped, it could be the cause of the problem.

Try using a damp Q-tip or toothpick to remove dust or other particles from around the base of the buttons. If that doesn't work, follow the warranty procedures.

Models will vary. Consult the user manual of your model.

Many people mistake the "B" in the "BF" for a 6. The "6F" actually is "BF," which stands for body fat percentage.

8888 will appear until "0000" is displayed. When you see "0000," step on scale and stand still. Position your feet so your weight is evenly distributed over the scale platform and make sure your legs are slightly apart. "0000" will blink while your weight and information is being measured. When blinking stops, the weight will appear followed by the body fat percentage.

Health professionals outline healthy body fat levels as follows: Women Fit - No more than 27% Exceeds Ideal Range - 28%-30% Obese - Over 30% Men Fit - No more than 23% Exceeds Ideal Range - 24%-30% Obese - Over 30% For further information, consult your physician.