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Electro-Mechanical (Dual or Duet) Scales

No. If the LCD is not working, check the battery. Replace with a new battery if necessary. If this does not work, check warranty information.

On Electro-Mechanical scales, you cannot obtain a reading on the dial only.

Do the following:

  • Step on the scale
  • LCD will flash "000" for three seconds before displaying weight
  • Weight will flash on both dial and LCD displays, and will remain on screen for five seconds before turning off.
  • If error message "Err" appears, the maximum weight load for the scale has been exceeded.

    If "L" message appears on the digitial display, the 9-volt battery needs to be replaced.

    This means the scale will turn off automatically when not in use.

    The scale will automatically turn on when you step on the platform.

    You should use a 9-volt alkaline battery.

    Yes. However, the scale is self-calibrating and will return to an accurate reading after three consecutive readings.