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A hard surface is best for maximum accuracy. Placing the scale on a soft, deep pile rug may affect the reading.

The unit may require a fresh battery. Locate the battery cover on bottom of scale, open it, and insert appropriate battery or batteries. If the scale has been dropped, it could be the cause of the problem.

Gently tap lower right corner or middle of scale platform with a foot. The display will show "000". Scale is now ready for use. Step on scale. 3 to 4 zeros will appear while computing weight. When correct weight is locked in, the numbers will appear on the display.

When "Lo" message appears on the digitial display, the 9-volt battery needs to be replaced.

This means the scale will turn off automatically when not in use.

This means the scale will automatically set display to zero upon activation.

This means the scale will turn on when you step on the platform.

LED display is a light-emitting dial usually RED in color. It will usually display black background with RED numbers.

This is an internal mechanism that will be triggered with a tap on the scale to start.

A "C" will appear during the first weighing, this is a self-calibrating feature on some scales. It means the scale is re-calibrating to zero. Please re-weigh for accurate reading. Scale will also re-calibrate after every battery replacement.

Turn scale over and remove battery holder by pulling back and lifting the tab. Make sure that + and - terminals are positioned properly.

Yes. For accurate weight reading, zeros MUST appear first.